The young Pope says that he renounces his fellow men and women because it is easier to love God than to love humans. He said that he was incapable of withstanding the suffering brought on by loving human beings. He said to the Swiss girl, that it would be wonderful to love her the way […]

It’s no surprise that we Pakistanis grow up with a great exposure to Indian dance, cinema and music. I am not a fan to be honest but I am familiar with most of them specially those who are considered legends. One of them is Asha Bhosle. I hardly remember any of her songs now but […]

I do not like discriminating against certain nationalities but some people really give their countries a bad name. Pyramids, for example, works in our Finance department. Finance and Front Office is always at war so it is not surprising that Pyramids and I are not besties. Apart from that, he also suffers Stage 10 superiority complex. […]

Had I not indulged into a friendly chat with Mr. Rolf, I would not have known of this musical (magical)night taking place in Katara. Well done, Doha Time Out, you have disappointed me once again! The 3rd European Jazz festival took place in the Cultural Village on Monday evening. Essentially, it was a five day […]

I heard about the Chinese Festival at MIA through a brochure passed to me by a co-worker. And even though I had only checked out Doha Time Out a few days ago, there was nothing mentioned about this on the site. Funny, don’t you think? Regardless, it was crowded enough. Specially on the third day, […]

I don’t have answers to “Surely you must have a picture of him? Or an old t-shirt pf his? His grandfather’s old watch? Or a perfume he brought for your birthday? A locket with a pendant that says something sweet? Or perhaps a ring engraved?” “No,” I tell them “I don’t have any of these.” They […]

I am a writer who doubts everything that I write. Is it because I doubt everything I see as well? Like being stuck in one of my lucid dreams, trying to break free…   And she said: “What’s the matter with doubt? I think the world could use a bit of doubt” And he said, […]

Arabic guy approaches reception Him: Salamalaykum Me: Walaykumsalam Him: Arabic or English? Me: English Him: *a long dialogue in arabic that I can’t make out even if I tried* Me: I don’t speak in Arabic! Him: How much is one room for one night for two people? Do you offer breakfast too? *delivered in perfect […]

When you’re so depressed about life that the highest moment of the day is that you own the same piece of clothing as one of the stars from your favourite show. I don’t even like her. But her wardrobe is SPOT ON.

He said “You just need attention”. Attention: The act of dealing with or taking special care of something or someone And she wondered, what was so wrong with that?

She struggled to break through the chains at her ankles only to realize that they had grown onto her skin. And now, she could never break free.

  And ff you’re having a coughing fit, the least you can do is cover your mouth. And that’s not just being a good customer, that’s called having manners. Thank you.

Goal: To be a bit more spiritual Day 1 Intention 1: To wake up at sunrise or a bit before sunrise, and pray to Allah or meditate since the conventional method of praying is something I yet have to make sense of. Precaution: Set five different alarms for before 5:00 Action: Turned off everyone of […]

I am sure you all are aware of my brilliant scheme to flee to Canada soon. In order to do that I must overcome certain hurdles; one of them is having to take IELTS. I am unable to find another GIF that would explain my feelings more accurately. And why should I give this exam anyway? […]

Mirror mirror on the wall   If you’re the smartest of us all tell me, please, tell me all Should i make that dreaded call?   Should i leave her on her own? Should I break her heart in two? Should I tell her I’m leaving you?   Will she lose her shine again? Will […]