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What if

You were travelling to a country with an opposite culture to that of your native country? How would you dress and behave?  Example: the country requires that must cover your head with a scarf. Response A: when in rome, do as the romans do Response B: nah! This isn’t a part of any research so […]


Something: What I mean to you  Everything: What you mean to me


Hoping the giant zit on your chin will disappear just because it’s shoot day at work and all the pictures taken today would be displayed on your international website and stay there for years.. The zit may disappear tomorrow but not today..


You sit there making videos on your phone that you think is smart I see you I see you while I sit on the bench in this nice park and wonder Why do I exist?  What is my life’s goal? What is the purpose of my life? Am I supposed to lead the life on […]

No, Marion, no!

I have always been a fan of Marion Cotillard. There is no doubt to her on screen talents. Not only because of her looks but also because of her looks.  I recently saw these pictures online of her much fuller lips, as compared to her original, thin (beautiful) lips: This is a picture from before: […]

Newly weds

Why would annoying newly weds put up something like this as their Facebook status? A virtual cookie for anyone who can guess what it means!


Not that sort of quickie, you perv. Just wanted to give a small update of the vacation that will soon come to an end. Btw, “Never have I ever” been this happy to announce the end of one. Hmm maybe I should have titled the post “Never have I ever”, but then again, I do […]

Since you’ve been gone 

Life has become duller Evenings quieter  And nothing makes sense anymore

European Jazz Festival in Katara Village

Had I not indulged into a friendly chat with Mr. Rolf, I would not have known of this musical (magical)night taking place in Katara. Well done, Doha Time Out, you have disappointed me once again! The 3rd European Jazz festival took place in the Cultural Village on Monday evening. Essentially, it was a five day […]

Cherry blossom trees in Qatar!

I heard about the Chinese Festival at MIA through a brochure passed to me by a co-worker. And even though I had only checked out Doha Time Out a few days ago, there was nothing mentioned about this on the site. Funny, don’t you think? Regardless, it was crowded enough. Specially on the third day, […]

They don’t believe us

I don’t have answers to “Surely you must have a picture of him? Or an old t-shirt pf his? His grandfather’s old watch? Or a perfume he brought for your birthday? A locket with a pendant that says something sweet? Or perhaps a ring engraved?” “No,” I tell them “I don’t have any of these.” They […]


I am a writer who doubts everything that I write. Is it because I doubt everything I see as well? Like being stuck in one of my lucid dreams, trying to break free…   And she said: “What’s the matter with doubt? I think the world could use a bit of doubt” And he said, […]


He said “You just need attention”. Attention: The act of dealing with or taking special care of something or someone And she wondered, what was so wrong with that?


She struggled to break through the chains at her ankles only to realize that they had grown onto her skin. And now, she could never break free.

Intentions and Actions

Goal: To be a bit more spiritual Day 1 Intention 1: To wake up at sunrise or a bit before sunrise, and pray to Allah or meditate since the conventional method of praying is something I yet have to make sense of. Precaution: Set five different alarms for before 5:00 Action: Turned off everyone of […]