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Praablam customer

I am thinking of suggesting my training manager to send our employees to Karwa’s main office, in order to better our customer service skills. Have you ever been in a Karwa? I am in awe of the way they treat their customers!* I recently took a trip to Villagio and decided to visit one of […]

Souq Waqif: Tajine

If you’re not Moroccan and want to try a different cuisine this week, I recommend Tajeen or Tajin in Souq Waqif. You may have heard of it, it was closed for a while now but they have finished all the necessary renovations and are ready to go. Best to sit? Rooftop, no questions. Specially during […]

Souq Waqif: Rice and Noodles

Souq Waqif is one of my favorite places in Qatar. It’s only a ten minutes walk from my workplace and has a range of cuisines to offer (but because I am lack someone to try new things with and because I am scared of change, I end up going to the same restaurants I go […]

Karwa oh Karwa

The normal way of getting around anywhere in Doha for those who don’t have a car is either Uber or Karwa taxis. I myself rely on the latter. Lately, the more I use Karwa, the more I am convinced I should buy a car. The drivers are terrible. I am sorry if you are a […]


The young Pope says that he renounces his fellow men and women because it is easier to love God than to love humans. He said that he was incapable of withstanding the suffering brought on by loving human beings. He said to the Swiss girl, that it would be wonderful to love her the way […]


It’s no surprise that we Pakistanis grow up with a great exposure to Indian dance, cinema and music. I am not a fan to be honest but I am familiar with most of them specially those who are considered legends. One of them is Asha Bhosle. I hardly remember any of her songs now but […]

I have got these feelings for you

I do not like discriminating against certain nationalities but some people really give their countries a bad name. Pyramids, for example, works in our Finance department. Finance and Front Office is always at war so it is not surprising that Pyramids and I are not besties. Apart from that, he also suffers Stage 10 superiority complex. […]

Cherry blossom trees in Qatar!

I heard about the Chinese Festival at MIA through a brochure passed to me by a co-worker. And even though I had only checked out Doha Time Out a few days ago, there was nothing mentioned about this on the site. Funny, don’t you think? Regardless, it was crowded enough. Specially on the third day, […]

44 thoughts I have at clubs

I hope there’s no queue tonight Shiiiiteee. I jinxed it. That girl behind us is a whore. Not judging. Just saying. Can’t wait to just get inside and dance. (After finally getting inside)Shit. Maybe I was better off outside. I feel so under dressed. Roommate realizes she has forgotten her cigarettes at home. Not the first […]

The perfect prank

There’s a girl, with long ombre hair and dark brown eyes. Everyday she goes to the shawarma shop within the vicinity she lives in. Everyday she gives the same order. Everyday she smokes a cigarette while she waits for her food. One day, she goes to the shawarma shop and as usual, orders the same […]

Do I really need this?

I really didn’t imagine my life would turn around completely after coming to Qatar. Since I came here, I have turned into this person who actually thinks before spending and refrains from splurging. To be more precise: I had been so ungrateful, living at my mom’s place and eating free food. How long did I thought […]

I am Tom-Cruise-Happy

Tomorrow marks two months of being in Doha. Perfect timing for a post!! Understandably, a lot has changed. For the good? Let’s hope so. I no longer drink chai like I used to drink it in Pakistan. I think it’s possible that I was using chai as an alternate to water, even if it is hot […]


I finally managed to see one of Doha’s top tourist spots and I couldn’t be happier. I went to the Museum of Islamic Arts yesterday and I am still simply in awe of the beautiful architecture. I read somewhere that the architect who built it didn’t want to build a museum in the middle of […]

I almost sent him to jail

A cute french guy comes up to me at work and asks, “Is it okay if I smoke outside?”. I shot him an amazing smile and laughed. “Are you fasting? Yeah, didn’t think so. Go ahead! It’s okay!”.   *********************************************   Later that afternoon while I related to my roommate about my French guy scenario.. […]

False Sky

Just thought I’d share some pictures from a mall called Villagio. To cut things short, it’s a pretty little mall, with all the big brand names you can think of. There’s a cinema too and generally all popular food outlets can easily be spotted here. They have also created a false sky, so when you […]