Pride and language

Two people from Mecaland having dinner in a restaurant.
Man 1: “How was your weekend with your family?”
Man 2: “Oh it was very enjoyable! I didn’t know staying at a hotel could be so much fun. I mean, forget the clean bedsheets and the 24/7 room service. I had so much fun tormenting the staff!”
Man 1: “Is that so?”
Man 2: “Yes! And the rooms were affordable! I booked the cheapest room available and booked it for one adult even though we were five in total. Still managed to get in!”
Man 1: “Wait, you booked for one person and they still let your family stay with you?
Man 2: “That’s the best part! I managed to pressurize the receptionist so much he just had to give in.”
Man 1: “I am curious now! What exactly did you do?”
Man 2: “At the time of check in I broke into the queue in front of me. Before the receptionist could ask me to start from the back of the line, I started yelling.”
Man 1: “Was he scared?”
Man 2: “Poor guy! He had no idea what to do or what he could do. Then when my turn came, i demanded that I be upgraded without any charges. I mean, come on! I felt like he was a tough cookie so as long as I could I refused to talk to him unless he brought me an Arabic speaker to talk to.”
Man 1: “Woah! You’re mean!”
Man 2: “The whole time I convinced him to think that I didn’t know a word of English. The whole time I was trying so hard not to laugh.”
Man 1: “And then what?”
Man 2: ” He reluctantly had to upgrade me! The guy didn’t have a choice. It was either that or I would creat further chaos!”
Man 2 is laughing with tears in his eyes.
“I made him feel bad about not knowing Arabic. I repeatedly pointed fingers at him and said things like “disrespectful” that he didn’t know the local language. I thought he might cry.”
Man 1: “But doesn’t that apply to you too? Like, shouldn’t you have tried speak in English since you KNOW English and he clearly couldn’t speak in Arabic?”
Man 2: “But why should I have to speak in English? He’s the one who should help me! Isn’t that his job? And besides, why would I try speaking in English when I could still get everything I want, probably more while pretending that I do not know the language!”
Man 1: “But you don’t think he must have found it odd that you don’t? I mean, it’s not like there are no schools in Mecaland!”
Man 2: “I know but Arabic is the language of God, so much more superior than any other language. He is the one who should make an effort. Not me.”

Man 1: “And what do you think God will think of they way you treated him? All that act just to torment him?”
Man 2: “I don’t think it was my fault. Had he known Arabic this wouldn’t have happened. And no worries even if I was wrong, I could always ask for God’s forgiveness later on!”
The two men sat in silence until Man 1 spoke.
Man 1: “Nice. I am truly impressed.”



    1. In a good way or a bad way?


      1. In a weird kinda way. I could have said ‘that’s f**k**Up’, but krass/crass is something easier for you to work with.

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  1. Tales from the hotel life?


    1. Actually it’s totally fiction but inspired by certain experiences.

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      1. So it means this definitely happened


  2. Just dropping by to wish you a happy Sunday, come over and visit when you get a chance!


    1. Okay I will tomorrow. Promise!


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