Karwa oh Karwa

The normal way of getting around anywhere in Doha for those who don’t have a car is either Uber or Karwa taxis. I myself rely on the latter. Lately, the more I use Karwa, the more I am convinced I should buy a car.
The drivers are terrible. I am sorry if you are a Karwa driver reading this but let’s be honest; most of them are. Not only would they argue with you, but they can be offensive. I don’t see the point in paying someone who a) was not able to drop me off at the correct place and b) is yelling at me for not guiding him correctly. But because I am a good temporary resident of Qatar, I pay.
In Pakistan, it was acceptable that the rickshaw driver did not have a clue where he’s going because they didn’t have GPS installed in their vehicles. Despite having GPS, these drivers are quick to say “I don’t know where “A” is”. But that’s not the whole truth. They also do not know where “B”,”C”, “D”..etc is.
One time I ordered a taxi for a guest. The driver called me up and said:
” I am right around the corner”

“Great! Can you come to the main entrance ?”

“Can you tell the guest that I can’t come?”

“But you’re here already.”

“I am. But the place they want to go to is very far and my duty will end in another ten minutes.”


“I am saying..”
And he goes on to repeat the whole thing, completely oblivious to the deeper meaning behind my “Excuse-me?” moment.
I have a test in a few days and wanted to go and see the centre ahead of time. But because I made the intelligent decision of using Karwa, I wasn’t able to do so.I changed three taxis and none of them knew where it was. I can’t quite comprehend how these people are allowed to drive if they don’t know where anything is.
And I am sure this is not the end: be prepared for a “funny” story on my test day as surely I will be using a Karwa on that day.
Great. Just great.



  1. Sounds like karwa = kARGHwa.


  2. Uber too expensive?


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