Things I love about work

Arabic guy approaches reception

Him: Salamalaykum

Me: Walaykumsalam

Him: Arabic or English?

Me: English

Him: *a long dialogue in arabic that I can’t make out even if I tried*

Me: I don’t speak in Arabic!

Him: How much is one room for one night for two people? Do you offer breakfast too? *delivered in perfect English*


Image result for meredith grey gif seriously



  1. Is English your first/primary language?

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    1. No. Urdu is.


      1. Oh very cool. Based on the fluency on your blog I would’ve guessed it was English but figured I was wrong.


        1. I guess I just find it easier expressing myself in English.

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          1. Well Bravo!!! I’m quite certain you have better grammar than I do and English is the only language I speak, besides very minimal Arabic.


            1. It’s not my mother tongue so I can’t be that accurate. But I get by.

              I only know a few words in Arabic.


              1. You’re extremely accurate. Where/How did you learn? I only know enough Arabic for prayer and greetings. I also know a tiny bit of Spanish and French.


  2. Just school. Nothing fancy.

    And yeah I speak very little French too.


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