44 thoughts I have at clubs

  1. I hope there’s no queue tonight
  2. Shiiiiteee. I jinxed it.
  3. That girl behind us is a whore. Not judging. Just saying.
  4. Can’t wait to just get inside and dance.
  5. (After finally getting inside)Shit. Maybe I was better off outside.
  6. I feel so under dressed.
  7. Roommate realizes she has forgotten her cigarettes at home. Not the first time this has happened.
  8. They are playing Happy by Pharell Williams but I can hardly hear them.
  9. The crowd isn’t too bad.
  10. Look at the cute girl with the cat-ears headband!
  11. Everyone is so friendly here. (Nice guy who offered Roommate a light)
  12. So much eye candy. Oh my gawwwwd.
  13. They are playing my favorite song! I fucking love this band.
  14. I hope they don’t kick me out for dancing like this.
  15. Why is it so hot in here?
  16. Someone spilled their drink on me. Great. Just great.
  17. Why is Jay standing near the bar?
  18. How come I can’t see any jolly boys here?
  19. Someone spilled their drinks on me. Again.
  20. I’ll have to do laundry tomorrow.
  21. Awwwwwww. I love this guy.  (To the fat British guy who was fanning us with a Chinese fan)
  22. Look! Sofar (our manager) is there! (Pointing to the security guy on the stage to my Roommate and laughing hysterically)
  23. This is the best. I can sing as loud as I want and no one can tell I am a bad singer.
  24. I am so under dressed. I should show more skin.
  25. Cute guy, don’t look at me. I’m unavailable.
  26. Cute guy, really. You gotta stop.
  27. Work, work, work,work, work. You see me doin’ dirt…
  28. I need air.
  29. Why are there so many people here?
  30. Look at that guy! Sick dance moves!
  31. I wish I could dance like that.
  32. Why didn’t I take dance lessons as a kid?
  33. I wish I was Indian. Then it’d be mandatory.
  34. I need to pee.
  35. This toilet is better than mine at home. Why cant we have tiles like that?
  36. My hair is a mess.
  37. I look like a very deranged Lindsay Lohan.
  38. “You no smoke. It bad for your health”–Convo between HSKP girl in the loo and Roommate.
  39. More nice songs! I love this club!
  40. Someone puked on the floor. Shittteee.
  41. But whyyyyyyyyyy? (After being told we should go home)
  42. I will never come here with you guys ever ever again.
  43. We didn’t even spend two hours (Yes, we spent 4.)
  44. I love this place. I want to be buried here.


  1. great points and practical…well done and said..


    1. I’m glad you think so!


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