It’s just a feeling

I remember I wrote a post a million years ago titled “Love is?”. And I put in a stupid picture or a stupid quote or something like that.

But really, what is love?

It’s just another feeling. A feeling you get when you meet someone attractive. When that feeling gets a little stronger, we say we really like that person. And when the feeling makes us go weak in the knees, we call it love. A feeling that makes us wet thinking about someone is called lust.

And when he dumps you after a year of dating you, the same feeling converts into negative energy and we have hate, another feeling. Or emotion if you prefer.

Or when you miss him and he doesn’t call back, that feeling is called self-loathing. Or when you couldn’t be bothered to move on with your life; depression.

So is that what it is? Love is just another one of a million different feelings?  Does love really exist? Are we crazy for being hung up on people? Is there no such thing as love, a temporary feeling that wanders off after a while?



  1. wormtape · · Reply

    Hello! I might not be the expert on this, but I believe I saw love at the hardest of times, like when my mom chose to stay with my dad even though it was the hardest thing to do at that time, because she loved him. I believe love is not a feeling, it’s a choice, and it’s very hard. I learned about it when I read the article on love in M Scott Peck’s ‘The Road Less Travelled.’

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    1. I believe that love can never be the same for everyone because we all have our differnt experiene that help us formulate ideas about love, or like any other experience in life.
      I also understand that the time on your mother may be very hard, choices like that aren’t so easy.
      But generally if one made a choice to stay, you have to think the emphasis is on the word choice here. Like someone chose to stay without wanting to. So is love something that should come naturally or forcefully?

      And I’m going to google that article now to get a sense of your perspective on love.


  2. I love what the comment above said about love being a choice not a feeling. Perhaps I’m too young and immature to say it, but what I see around me truly does echo that sentiment. But like you pointed out, love is a different experience for different people – but perhaps thats what makes it so fascinating. That it can encompass so many different emotions and feelings and experiences all in those 4 little letters…
    But Zareen, is everything okay with you? Is this post based on just random life observations, or did your boyfriend and you break up? 😦 Hope all is well with you. I’ll whatsapp you tomorrow morning pakka. Till then, sending you love and positive vibes.


    1. I read your post, the one with the poem about the ” bird” and I realized we so need to catch up on whatsapp. I have a lot tot tell you…

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      1. Yes we really do. Today is a little busy for me, but I’ll have time tomorrow. Let’s pakka do it then! 🙂


        1. Counting on it!

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          1. haha I’m so glad you decided to message me. I’m terrible at following through. All the good intentions, none of the motivation.


    1. I’m okay now. That was an emotional rant, sorry.

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