This V-day…

No, this is not another lovey-dovey post for Valentine’s day. I don’t do sappy.

I normally detest events that involve one way transactions; me  having to splurge on gifts for my loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts.My wallet doesn’t. The whole process makes her feel a bit “empty”.

But just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we all need to go skint. It’s the thought that counts after all, isn’t it?

I should mention this post is infact inspired by this great site I randomly came across. It might not help you keep in shape but it will keep your wallet in one. Do visit!

And here are a few ways we could avoid going all out (but still going all out on the love part) this V-day:

  • Cook them a nice meal at home


Yes, you may not be the next Gordon Ramsay but nothing says I love you like a good meal with whole lotta love.

P.S Here’s to hoping their favourite dish is pancakes, not steak tarte.

Because this guy has the BEST greeting cards! I have yet to see someone so young but so talented.

And here’s a link to a place where you can get these beautiful thaaangs for less than  2$!

  • Write them a letter

Saying all those things that were left unsaid.

P.S Throw in a movie quote or an inside joke. Oughta make them smile.


  • Be their personal masseuse 

Because I would literally marry someone who willing rubs my feet after work.

  • Discount vouchers

For something they enjoy doing. Someone got me one on books. He still holds my heart because of that one reason.

  • Sexual favours

Need I say more?

Regardless of how you choose to spend this day, splurging or not, I sure hope you have a rad time. Considering you are actually celebrating and are not like me, spending it at work.

I am not sappy. I don’t do sappy. But having the one you love by your side IS a reason to celebrate.





  1. Wonderful post! Happy Valentines Day!


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, my ‘a little bit sappy’ friend 😜


    1. You know me so well. Happy Valentine’s day Amanda ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, Zareen! I hope all is go do with you? Long time no … errrr … type!


        1. I think so. I can see some good changes is the future. 😀
          How about you love? How are you? You look radiant in your picture ❤️


  3. Doesn’t valentine always end in sexual favours?

    I loved the line ‘I live giving gifts, my wallet doesn’t!’ Haha


    1. Does it? Depends who you’re dating. It should wesay if it doesn’t do usually. But it shouldn’t be the only day you do it, know what I mean?

      That was all me. One hundred percent coined by yours truly! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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