I am a woman and it’s tough, man!

Why is it so hard being a woman?

Maybe being a woman is not so hard. Maybe the unrealistic expectations that society attach to the idea of what a woman should be like is causing all the problems.

I’m pale by birth. I don’t know if it’s because I was bitten by some Edward Cullen type vampire but it’s definitely not because I’m anemic. So unless I put on a handful (yes, handful) of blush on the apple of my cheeks to give my self some color, I’m continuously bothered by male colleagues to go and freshen up. Translation: Go to the powder room and come back with a face we can all look at.

Because that’s how women should be like. All dolled up, with perfect hair, perfect waxed skin and perfect everything. Perfect, perfect, perfuckt more like.

I mean, I am very sorry but not everyone can look like Katy Perry all the time. RIGHT?

Maybe I don’t wan’t to put blush on my pale-than-Bella-Swan skin.
Of course, I'm not as pretty without make up!

And maybe I don’t want to put on extreme, three colored eye shades that make people question if I am from the circus.

And I don’t wear earrings because my ears hurt after I do. Also, none of your business.

And maybe I don’t want to get a bikini wax because the last time I did it left me traumatized and I would rather lay on a train track with a train approaching than go through it again.

And maybe I don’t want to go to the gym so I could get a six-pack like your ex-girlfriend.

Oh this is exhausting…

I will eventually give in though, applying color to my colorless cheeks and getting all those unwanted hair striped off at an honest-to-god expensive salon that won’t be good for my honest-to-god wallet and straightening my hair so no one could see my naturally wavy hair.

I will give in because I’m weak and powerless over society and their unrealistic expectations.

Aaaaah. I hate this.

I just read this over. It looks like a sarcastic-not-sarcastic post. Or should I say #sarcasticnotsarcastic. God, I hate hashtags.

P.S This is just a rant. Don’t take me seriously I didn’t have my coffee this morning.



  1. Just one question: WHICH GIRL HAS A SIX PACK!

    finally some humor at the daily things, usual zareen post.
    Nice read!

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    1. Do you call them abs? I was referring to a toned, muscled stomach. Lol.

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      1. okay that would not look good on a girl. Unless of course if she wants them.

        I forgot to mention this though: Considering what all you have mentioned on your blog, you are strong. Just you are referring to different definition of strength


        1. But they do. Don’t think John Cena’s body. More like a muscled, toned stomach. Just on a woman. You know like in porn sometimes?


          Thank you, you have made me very happy.

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          1. you are watching some really strange porn girl. control
            Your post made me laugh so fittus


            1. Hey! Not all the porn I watch is like that. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!

              I am glad.

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              1. who knows?! you might be watching porn in which guys have boobs!
                Keep writing girl!

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  2. I think that people try too hard to live up to societies version of how we should look. I think that everyone should try to be healthy, but also retain their individuality. Besides, if we’re always trying to live up to someone else’s vision, we’re doomed to failure. IMO, the best remedy is to be who you are, regardless of gender, and find the person who sees you as perfect. BTW, I can’t function at all without that morning cup of coffee. šŸ˜€


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