So yesterday at work, I’m talking to an American guest of mine about ordering food online. He’s a great guy who’s here on business and I really hope he succeeds in getting people interested in the whole shopping-online business. I mean, if there’s anywhere it can thrive, it’s here. Karachi people be too lazy.

So I tell him my brothers love ordering pizza. And a second or two later he says, “Pete-za”. I’m like “Yeah, they can’t get enough of pizza!”.

“That’s not how you pronounce it. It’s Pete-za. Say Pete. Great. Now say Za. Perfect!”

Oh my god. I have been calling it pizza all my life. 

I have been loving pizza for 21 years. And I never knew it wasn’t pizza but Pete-za instead. I felt like how a child would if they found out Santa is not real.

I realized how when I was young my dumb cousins used to pronounce it Pit-za. I used to make fun of them. Now I realize, they were a bit near to it then I was.

I feel dumb. And I feel angry because Pakistani Pete-za has so much variety is basically not Pete-za anymore anyway. I wonder if they are going to put biryani in it one day. Or eggs.


I am going to feel insecure about this forever. 



  1. I once got offered a pizza with egg in Paris – unsure how I feel about that. Mm mm, biryani pizza – I like the sound of that. Now you will also know how to say mozzarella, Moto Guzzi and other double z Italian words 🙂

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    1. That’s so weird. I would never eat it! Which is funny because I love cheese omelette so maybe it’s a visual thing. Haha, I can’t imagine eating a biryani pizza!


  2. Finally a post from you!
    Call it whatever you want to, nothing like it!
    Egg Pizza! Yuck!

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    1. Hey! How you been?!
      Meh. I’m not a fan other than having occasional cravings.

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      1. I’m great zareen! How’s things at your side? New Job? And everything?

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        1. Things are looking up! Same job but still. I think I’m okay for now. What about you?

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          1. Final exams. I’m so tensed! 😦


            1. The stress of exams is always the same no matter what age you are. Good luck though!

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              1. You wished, that’s more than enough.
                Thank you!


  3. I love pizza too. I associate with good times too. Watching a sporting event or playing poker with friends.


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