I Like Big Boobs And I Can Not Lie

So there’s a rumour circulating in my department that I am drawn to women. And specially women with big tits. 

For some reason, this has come as a surprise to them, that a perfectly straight (perfect and straight) girl like me is openly appreciating a member of the same sex. For some reason, this is something I should be ashamed of. And also for some reason, I should stop talking about how great women’s body are.

This has came as an awful shock to me. 

Well, not really.

I know the stronger sex at work are threatened by the power of our tits. But I thought everyone likes boobs in general. You know, like everyone likes chocolates and bacon and fifty shades of abusive sex. I thought it was one of the norms.

Yet, indeed, it is not. Even if it is, I shouldn’t verbally express my love and admiration for them. 

You wonder why most of the terrorists are Pakistani? Well, it’s because they are fucking suppressed in this godforsaken society!

But tell me honestly, when you watch porn, and I know you do, you look at the women more than the men? 

And look at all of these babes! Which one of them isn’t a complete beauty?



Not to say that only people with big boobs are beautiful. 

It’s just everyone with boobs.

Let’s hope by tomorrow they have a good rumour to spread!



  1. I love how you tell it how it is… Haha. I can appreciate a woman’s form too. I am always slightly jealous of women with big boobs…because mine are really quite small and don’t really jiggle all that much *sad face*

    On a different note…

    I have missed you! What’s been going on?

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  2. Boobs *can* save the world, one boob at a time.

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    1. Hahaha that’s right!

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  3. What’s NOT to like? 😀

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    1. Exactly! Thank you! 😀

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