If You Murder Someone..

It’s gonna come and bite you in the ass. 

Specially, if you call up a director and let him make a documentary on it. That’s what happened to Robert Durst.

The film All Good Things is inspired by the life of Durst and the murders he allegedly committed. The movie shoes a young , wealthy man named David Marks (Ryan Gosling) who marries a middle class girl (Kirsten Dunst). She soon realized that Marks is a complete psycho case and has issues. 


If you’re a Gosling fan, you have to see it. If you’re not a Gosling fan, then SHaME ON YOU.

I can’t think of anyone else who could have done a more amazing job than Ryan Gosling. You remember Anthony Hopkins in Hannibal? You just know that guy can pull off crazy. Ryan’s just like that. Dunst didn’t do too bad either.

The funny thing is, after watching this movie, Durst called the director , Jarecki, and let him make a documentary on his life. I have no idea why he would initiate an idea like that but he did.

The documentary was a success. Everyone noticed. And everyone noticed the new evidence brought on by the documentary. Which led to being Durst arrested. Way to go Jarecki!

But the fact remains: the film is good and the documentary maybe too.


Spoilers? You get to see Ryan in drag and Kirsten’s tits . Enough said. 



  1. Movie is goo?
    Goo in Hindi is shit!

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    1. Mayur it’s a typo! Haha. So it is in Urdu too. Thanks for pointing it out!

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  2. Wow! What a combo of actors. Gosling the Silence Preacher and Kristen the melancholic. I have to see this, thanks to your good post!


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