Guess Who’s Back?

Hello to all my lovely readers and specially to those who have actually noticed I have been away. I have missed being here. I was busy. No, scratch that- I did not make enough time for writing and that’s a shame. It’s  one of the things I do for myself.

What have I been upto? 

I don’t know if I should say this here or whether it’s appropriate to say this but I want to share this with you all. I feel more connected to my readers here than I do to people in real life. So it’s probably better to share something with people who might actually give a fuck.

Aman and I were talking the other day when he recommended an amazing book that has changed me in ways I can’t explain. It’s a short book, I cant read too many pages anyway. I want to read books in one go and because of my work schedule that’s not always possible. This is why I resort to small books or blogs. 

The book is called “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I can tell you what it’s about but I would rather you go and read it. It’s 56 pages. Give it a try. And read with focus, absorb the words and the wisdom shared. Who knows? Maybe it will change your life too.


I cried when it ended. It’s a beautiful book. And that’s all I’m going to say. Read it for yourself if you wanna know more.

It stuck with me- mostly because of what it had to say about life in general and also because I was hit with strong waves of nostalgia- my sociology classes in college. There were three of us in the class and the there was our teacher- unique from all the other ones. We all were different from each other which made discussions truly brilliant. I miss that but I am glad I have great memories to hold on to. 

The last three weeks have been interesting. Oh god, has it really been three weeks? Indeed.

WordPress was blocked by our esteemed, over efficient and holier than God government because apparently it contains blasphemous content. 

Jesus Christ. I was laughing when I read that. Our government is hilarious. Très drôle. Thank god they have gotten their head out of their asses and unblocked it. To be honest? I was secretly hoping that it had been my blog that had been considered too offensive to be read by the innocent, naive population. I had hoped that they were so threatened by my words that they felt compelled to block the whole site. Now that’s what I call an achievement. I like pissing off assholes. 

But since I am still alive and writing, it wasn’t my blog that had enraged them. Disappointment. Shadeed disappointment.

So. As I was saying, the last couple of weeks have been interesting. In my new position at work, I made mistakes which made a few things clear: A lot of people are not happy with my promotion.

I find it interesting how a girl, albeit a cute one, of 5’4 and of a skinny frame can be considered a threat to all these macho, manly men. Frankly? I love it. Being envied is a compliment.


I like my new position. Too much work? Yes. Too little time? Yes. And I still love it all.

Apart from conducting trainings for my babies/trainees at work and working my tiny bum off, I have been spending time eating tuna and falling in love with tuna all over again and watching a lot of movies.

I watched Focus last week and there comes a scene where Will Smith is taking off the girl’s clothes. It’s all he’s doing in that movie. I was with B while watching it. 

“It’s not a movie, it’s a porno!” I said. 

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have been such a hypocrite.

We watch movies in bed, we order the same thing everytime at the same restaurant and he let’s me wear his shirt and he has no problem peeing infront of me while  I brush my teeth in the bathroom. Eugh. Is it just me or are we a boring laid back couple?

Mum’s immigration papers are getting filed. For that, we all had to get body exams at IOM. 

I was very disappointed. First, there was no guy but a girl who was going to conduct the exam. Why? If we can have a male gynaecologist then why not a man who’s just gonna touch my tits and send me off?

Number two: The girl wasn’t into it at all. I guess she saw tits all day and they no longer possessed the charm and charisma that they once had.

Or maybe it’s just me who thinks very highly of tits.

Despite of all the crap I have had to go through, helping my mom collect documents, getting them certified and dealing with mom hyperventilating over documents we may have skipped( no chance-I checked five times), I will be grateful to Canada for only asking me to pee and not poop in a cup. All hail Canada.

That’s it for the update. Three weeks of movies, tuna, books and boob exam. TMI? I think so too.




  1. You going to Canada? Wow. How did that happen?


    1. It’s a long process. Not until two years at the very least. Hey, I’m glad you’re reading my posts with such interest 🙂
      Hope you’re doing well 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m doing alright!
        I read everybody’s post with such interest so chill 😛
        Good for you, you know where you will be two years from now.

        Liked by 2 people

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