Oh No You Didn’t (Ryan Gosling Style)

Google don’t (yes, don’t not doesn’t) deal so well with long search words.

I spent the whole day going through it’s result for “How To Revenge From Your Manager Who Is A D***, Hated By Half Of The Department And Is A Complete Tool Because He Insulted Me In Front Of The Whole Lobby Yesterday” but I think Google stopped listening after the first half of the sentence.

Had I typed a shorter word, say, PORN…well…


At the hotel, we’re running hundred percent occupancy for almost two weeks now. For those of you who fortunately don’t work at hotels, here’s what it means: Fucking brilliant for the hotel, not so much for the employees.

I’m already under a great deal of pressure. Not to mention, the never-ending renovation going on at the hotel. Everyday, I have a queue of people waiting for their rooms to be changed, to be shifted to some other magical part of the hotel where there is no noise.

What I need is a hot head to toe massage.

What I need is sleep without waking up because someone flicks on the light in the lounge.

What I don’t need is lousy managers getting up in my face.


He is the A.F.O.M, or Ass F***** Manager or AFM, as we call him. He’s number two to my boss and honestly, my boss does more work than he does.

Here’s how a usual day is like for him:

Come to work an hour late? Check. Order the Shift Leader to manage the shift and plan everything on his own, something the SL is already doing? Check. Sit at my desk? Check. Don’t get up for another two hours? Check. Divert all guests to the reception instead of dealing with them? Check. Be the first one who goes for dinner? Check. Hide in the office during the shift? Check. Never come out the office unless it’s the end of the world? Check.

He’s not a manager. A manager must have balls. He doesn’t have any.

Whenever we come to him with a problem, he’ll act all macho and tell us to do this and do that. Funny how everything turns around 180 degrees, when he has to talk to the guest himself. I hate him and his gutlessness, but he and I are both stuck in the evening shift.

So yesterday, after the flood of people coming to check in reduced, I stood at the reception and was catching up on paper work. He was at the very end of the reception, fretting over something he should have fretted over an hour ago. Out of nowhere, three guests come marching towards me and fling their key jackets on to the reception.

Apparently, they had been allocated a wrong room and had probably walked on a very old man humping a very young girl.

The way I see it, it wasn’t so bad.

This wouldn’t have happened if people in Pakistan learned to lock their doors. Also, the Room Crashers were from a Pharmaceutical company and would have probably “helped” the old man with some Viagra, had he not been so fidgety about the whole affair.


I got to know about this after the matter was resolved.

Initially, I was confused as to who had allocated this room earlier or made the wrong keys. AFM asks me what room did I check them into. Because I hadn’t checked them in or anyone in that room, I turned to the guest and said, “Wait, wait, I am unable to understand you, sir. What is your room number?


He said it in English with a Pakistani accent. Believe me, insults always sound ten times worse in English to us

Also, he said it loud enough so that not only were the trainees I’m training went wide-eyed, but everyone in the lobby was now looking at the reception to see what kind of show was going on here.

My problem? I can’t handle being yelled at. I resume to crying. And so I did. Hysterically. I made it to the girl’s locker room just in time. I cried so much I felt like varminting everything I had had for dinner. I cried and cried. By the time I was done, my eyeliner had smudged across my eyes, and my eyes looked a very sexy shade of grey. Really.

After I managed to compose myself, he then called me into his office and had the ugly balls to tell me how he has noticed changes in my behavior.

That MAYBE I’m holding a grudge against him. That MAYBE I’m taking him the wrong way. That MAYBE I was the one who needed to change.

He then went on to praise me and tell me what a reliable employee I am.


So…let me get this straight: You called me into your office after yelling at me to tell me that I was the one with the attitude problem and it was my tone that I needed to be watched?

Let me tell you right here;


And then you went on to praise me in an attempt to calm me down?

Jeez, and I thought I was pathetic.

The best part of his lousy speech?

 “I’m sorry IF there’s something I MAY have done to offend you!”

Anyone want to giving him a standing-O? Or a standing finger?

I am appalled. Outraged. Humiliated.

This man has made my evening shifts a living hell for the past two freaking years, Not only is he incompetent at his job, he is very unfair and has caused several people to resign.

I know, I know, most managers are lousy and no one can get everything their way.

I can be the better person, rise above and move on with my life, ignoring this as another one of his tantrum that he didn’t apologize for. Or I can act like a shallow person and make him pay.

Hating him and making a plan to destroy him may not earn me anything but it will be incredibly satisfying and delicious.


Do you have lousy managers at work? What’s your best revenge story? All revenge ideas are welcome. The more bad ass, the better.

Zareen Naqvi



  1. Seems like you can’t leave, so why not look for jobs for him?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I may have another job lined up. Let’s see. But I’ll make him pay, that’s for sure!


      1. mind how you go…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that dog — he looks like he would cut ya. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I love this picture too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You poor girl! Leave if you can and find new happiness. I quit my job as I hated my own Scorpion King. Brave it out but find a new job. All that angst is not healthy and certainly not worth it. Take care.


  4. Putting up with difficult customers is one thing, but difficult colleagues is quite another.
    One of my fondest memories as a junior doctor was arriving on my 1st day in a new job and being spoken down to by the ward sister.
    Imagine her surprise when I told her to fuck off loudly enough to be heard by the rest of the ward (including the consultant surgeon for whom I was working, and a nursing student who turned out to be the future Mrs Harker).
    The moral of the story is……well, I don’t know really.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The moral of the story is this is exactly what I should have done. It may have gotten me into trouble but at least I would have better about the whole thing or felt like I deserved it.

      Sometimes it’s just better to tell people to go fuck themselves. Really.


      1. Tempting though it may be, remember the saying, “act in haste,repent at leisure.”
        As a doctor, I am much harder to fire, in addition to which, my clients don’t pay me directly, so they cannot take their business elsewhere.
        Better to vent it on your blog and still be able to pay the bills. He’ll get what’s coming to him; what goes around, comes around.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m sincerely hoping that it comes back around to bite him in the ass.


          1. I’ve been bitten on the arse. It cost an extra twenty, but it was worth it.


  5. You ought to meet my boss. And his ass lickers. And their ass lickers.

    Everything is like a weird orgy and I just stand and look at everyone in disgust.

    Let’s not even talk about the HR and others

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha.
      I guess it’s the same everywhere.

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