Karachi Cultural Festival at AFK

I had an amazing week. No, really, I did. I went to a cultural festival that was not too crowded and surprisingly, fun. L’hotel has been busy as fuck, crawling with foreigners from all over the world to see an exhibition of arms, ammunition and weapons, paying for ridiculously priced hotel rooms. Even the stupid event at the main campus wasn’t as lousy as I had hoped for it to be.

The Karachi Cultural Festival was at Alliance Francaise (AFK), one of my favourtie places in Karachi. So, when Ferozeh asked me to accompany her to the festival, I couldn’t say no because a) I hadn’t done anything fun in the past four months and b) I wanted to have some girl time. She’s one of the few women in Karachi that I actually like and want to spend time with.





Truck Art

A large variety of paintings were scattered at the very entrance. I am not the one for paintings but I was really impressed. There was a sketch of House too! I would have bought it only it was a bit expensive. There was a separate stall for Truck art. Do you know what it is? (I posted a picture from Google so y’all can see what it is.)

Seeing all this talent made a very proud citizen of Karachi. This much talent deserves to be flaunt-ed and brought into the lime light. This is also something I learned from my General Manager.

To be a Belgian man running a hotel with a majority of Pakistani Muslim employees can be harder than you think. We Pakistanis are known for our hospitality, only we actually give others a hard time when they are trying to fit in. There are still people at L’hotel who view our amazing General Manager with doubt, but I truly believe in this amazing man. I admire many if his traits but I respect him the most for the fact that he made an effort to bring the Belgian culture into our country. Not only did he introduce fine Belgian Chocolates in our Pastry shop, but he also hosted a Belgian Food Festival and invited a well-known Belgian Saxophonist! He inspires me to be a better person, employee and to spread my culture across the globe too.





As I mentioned earlier, the event at the university wasn’t a disappointment either. Yes, some people didn’t even turn up and some were given credit for doing a good job of not doing anything at all, but meh. I couldn’t care less about the Chubbyfingers dating our teacher, or the fact that there is one other bossy bitch in the class besides me. The nerd living inside of me just wanted a good grade.



But for the most part, it was a good week because I saw that there is potential and talent in this city, and so in this nation. We have the people, we just need a good leader.

It would bring me so much joy to make Pakistan known for its culture and history, than for just terrorism.

Zareen Naqv



  1. Great pics , Z — it looks like you have a wonderful time !!!

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    1. Hey thanks! I did 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It is so colorful! Your culture is so prettily depicted visually! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you honey! 😀


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