Adam Levine does controversial-FINALLY!

I was waiting for the Blog Tember Challenge to finish, so I could write about how irksome but strangely addictive Adam Levine and his band is.

Of course, being a fan of Maroon 5 since their album with the weird, long name came out, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, I do owe some loyalty to the band. Nothing Lasts Forever and Goodnight Goodnight (and, of course, buckets of ice cream) helped me mend by broken heart. I turned to Kiwi when I was a bit turned on. Give A Little More was our summer party song. My ringtone in college was Moves Like Jagger. I didn’t actually have the moves like Jagger or any moves at all, but I don’t think anything speaks more of my commitment to the band than this.

I couldn’t wait for their new album V to hit the market. When it did, disappointment hit me. And it hit me hard.

The first single Maps is the most annoying thing I have heard this year. Annoying than the Annoying Orange. Annoying than my brother’s voice. Annoying than Perez Hilton.

Each morning, I would hear it on the radio and fight the urge to sue the RJs for playing it. It was so irritating that if you heard it just once, it kept replaying in your mind. All. Day. Long. Like a curse. Or a really, really bad headache.

And I’m not alone in thinking so.

But because I have loved Maroon 5 for over 5 years and because they helped me get over some really bad people with Makes Me Wonder, I gave them a second chance.

I heard some other songs off the album. Gladly, they weren’t as annoying. I actually quite liked Animals.

Until the video came out.

Now before I say anything, I want you to know that we live in a free country (at least, you do) and we’re allowed to have opinions. So don’t mistake this as me rooting for all the creepy stalkers out there. Or consider me one of them. Do not report this.

*takes in a deep breath* : I loved the song and I thought the video was okay too.

I have read the criticism. I have read the positive reviews. There are none.

So maybe Adam Levine has finally stop being the shy, tall, girly-voiced singer and done something controversial. Congrats, Adam! You have finally made progress after a decade of being exactly the same, boring person.

Jokes apart, I don’t find the video offending. Yes, there is too much blood. But the stalker portrayed is a butcher. Where you expecting flowers to fall while they had sex? That he’d be clad in a perfect, clean suit and tie while butchering animals?

People accuse it of “promoting stalking“, “expressing stalking as a form of love“, something something ” rape culture” something something.

Oh, okay so by the same logic then Dexter is just as bad because it’s a show that promotes killing, living a secret life and sexual feelings between siblings, right? And shows like Revenge too, since they too promote negativity, like taking revenge to the extent of murdering people? So basically every other TV show with a hint of violence/negativity/killing should be banned so we could all sit at our homes to stare at blank screens.

I respect everyone’s view on such a topic. I have read all the reviews and none of them have been positive. So there’s a very good chance that I’m wrong and y’all will be reporting this.

For any video to be made, you have got to have a clear head of what you’re going for. Maroon 5 has been around for ages and I think they know what their fans like. They must be aware of the mindset of their fans. Which is probably why they haven’t issued an apology. And I wouldn’t even want them to. Before the video came out, Adam Levine did say that he was excited about the idea because it was “crazy” and “dark”. So, the plan was to go dark from day one. And, so they did.

I didn’t even think of rape culture or anything similar the fast time I saw Animals. I don’t feel like it’s targeting women, either. And guess what? I am a woman.

I think we are filled with too much hate and negativity to allow people to do something different. We want things to stay the same as they were ten years ago. We dislike change, we don’t encourage people being unique or eccentric. And we can always say whatever the hell we want about entertainers because we are their fan and they are our bitches.

Honestly, I don’t think they wanted to offend anyone. Animals was about extreme lust and passion and they portrayed that in the video.

If anything, I want to stand on my chair and applaud Adam Levine for finally doing something crazy, fun and controversial.

Have you seen the video yet? What are your views? Do you still find Levine as sexy as you did before Animals?



  1. I like Maroon 5 songs well up till the recent album “V” which is not good according to like you also mentioned. But I have to say that this video to Animals really disturbed me and my friends who were watching it, it’s to pshyco/mental and yes it’s just a PR trick to get people talking like Miley’s wrecking ball but still. I get really sad what music have become today and now a days music videos are like watching porn and children are watching these (yes they watch it mostly behind their parents back). You can walk down the street and hear a little girl sing Anaconda or there was this song here were the lyrics were: do you wanna sleep with me and kids are singing it loud. That’s soo sad! It gives people bad selfeesteem issues or other problems more than we think, Girls/boys are more depressed that they don’t live up to the “standard” and can even harm themselves. These idols have more impact than we think. Anyways it’s just what I think.


    1. Hey there!
      Yeah I agree. I guess the media is so advanced now a days we can’t really hide anything from children anymore. I see your point. Kids look up to them and thus, they should be careful about what the portray.
      But I really don’t think it’s the same as Miley’s twerk. Because she was Hannah Montana before and had a kiddy audience which is why people found her so offending. I don’t think kids listen to maroon 5. I just don’t think it’s as offending as people are making it out to be.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts babe!


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