Who knew Karma was watching?

Bitches and Assholes are common in every work place. There’s always that co-worker/s that you just can’t stand. Unfortunately, I have a whole team of people I would rather strangle with my bear hands than agree to work with.

Most of the bitches and assholes at work have been here since before I was even born. You know, when the first brick was laid to make this building. Their motto is “Stick to the status-quo” and they shun change. And it is validated to some point. They have been working here for the last 1000 years, so when a newbie comes and tells them that the techniques and practices they have been using since 1971 are wrong, it is taken personal and as an attack on their ego. You can’t teach old dogs new trick, you just can’t.

But then there are the Newbies, who are also irritating as hell. You already know about Kanye and The Irritating Co-worker. There are two additions to the Assholes and Bitches List: Sam and Dil.

They got along very well and I assumed it was because they were of the same age group. We discovered later that they were luuvvers and were to be engaged soon. I couldn’t be happier, they were perfect for each other. A match made in Hell. She was a rude ass bitch who called the braces on her teeth “Diamonds” (*snorts* as if) and was in need of glasses ( when she used the computer, she would set it on magnifier which made everything so large it almost made me blind). She was also in desperate need of a pair of new shoes. And he was in need of growing a pair, specially around her. He hung around her like a love sick puppy, always looking like he was going to break into tears any second. He was rude too, but not with Queen Diamond Teeth.

Since after what The Irritating Co-Worker did, I have kept my distant from all the new “internee/s” and newbies that we hire. But I was always very cordial and friendly. For the first few weeks, Sam was in the morning shift with Mistress. So they naturally they had time to bond. I didn’t. I didn’t want to anyway. She was just a colleague. Not my fucking life partner.

I taught her a few things only to realize she was completely clueless. She didn’t even know the basic stuff. Like, very basic stuff. Apart from the paper work, her body language was horrible. She would sit on the chair with her legs wide open and leaning back on her chair, like it wasn’t placed in the main lobby but her bedroom. She would speak in a tone that wasn’t too high yet irritating to the core. She would ask really stupid questions. The ones that made you turn your head around to look at her and be like:

She used to write the Log book from the wrong side. I corrected her once but a few days later, I noticed that she had started writing on the wrong side again. I said to her..

And yeah, I told you to start the entry from this page but I noticed that you were still using…”


I was actually scared, for a moment. That tone. Hello, Emily Rose, welcome back. Who did she think she was? It took me a moment or two to respond.

Sam“, I wanted to keep my tone calm, ” I am your senior and I’m trying to help you. I don’t mean to insult you. This might be your first job…”


I didn’t know how to respond so instead of initiating a cat fight, I just walked away. When I came back later to place the letters in the drawer, she said:

Zareen“. Ah, now she was back to her human voice. “IF, I have hurt you by what I said then I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to“. IF? Really? There’s still room for doubt?

I know you work a lot more than aaall of us. I appreciate that you do soooo much hard work. We all know evening shifts are sooo busy. Yet you do them and even make the welcome letters. I reeeaally respect you for that“.

Ugly Betty was buttering me up. The nerve!

I really aaadmire you and reeespect you. You are my senior blah blah right always blah blah I need guidance blah blah blaahhh

Um, yeah great thanks. Nohardfeelings. “, with that I walked away.

Why didn’t you say something?” Shaz, a lovely colleague, inquired after I told her about it. “Ah, I’m leaving it up to Karma“, I joked. Who knew Karma was listening?


Dil was in the morning shift in La Salon so I sent her to the lounge to relieve him. I sent her at 16:00hrs but there was no sign of him. I suspected they might be “catching up”, pathetic little luuvvers.

Hey, Sam, has Dil gone home yet?

No. He’s right here


Why? I sent you to RELIEVE him

Well, he says his shift doesn’t end until 17:00hrs so he’ll stay until then“, she replied firmly.

Pissed off, I slammed the phone on her face. A minute later I saw an embarrassed Dil, rushing towards the reception. Ah, guilty as charged!

He mumbled something which wasn’t too important so I just ignored him and kept walking. I come to work the next day to find that he is now referring to me as a cold hearted bitch.

Oh, did I hurt your non-existent ego by ignoring you? I am so sorry. Only Sam has the right to crush your ego. No one else.

But I didn’t confront him. A) Because I feared he might start crying and B) I feared I would end up hitting his irresistibly slap-able face.

Then he turned into a major schmuck. He would always argue with me, always be rude. He would never listen to anything I said, revenge for the ONE time I ignored him. He would bitch about me behind my back and eavesdrop on my conversations and feed the information to Ugly Betty.

One morning, when his duty was in La Salon, the waiter informed me that he had been absent for half an hour. When he came back, I asked him where he was.

Are you blind? I just came down to print a ticket for a guest, didn’t you see me? I was like right in front of you!


But I am the senior. I had to be the responsible one.

You could have print it from up there, you know. The internet works there too

Oh thank you so much. I didn’t know that!” and slammed the phone on my face.

Fuck this senior shit.

But I didn’t. “Karma“, I thought, “you ought to teach him a lesson“.


Sam was called to the GM’s office. It was regarding some money that was stolen from a guest room. She had been seen in the CCTV camera going onto the floor but they couldn’t tell whether she had gone to this room or the next. They also found that she sneaked two phones with her on duty even though we are not permitted to use them.

She was fired. On basis of suspicion, as far as I know. She told Dil to inform her parents of this investigation and the poor puppy did what he was told. Somehow the management found out and Dil was fired. On the basis of being her “partner-in-crime”.

I couldn’t help but feel bad. Was she at the wrong place at the wrong time? Or was it Karma?

At least, she wouldn’t talk to anyone in her Emily Rose voice from now on. And he wouldn’t slam the phone on anyone, ever.

Do you believe in Karma? Have you seen Karma being a bitch to the one who wronged you? I should feel bad, right?





  1. Nice post, you are a great writer Zareen 🙂
    You have given one of the best possible explanation of what “Karma” is all about!


    1. Awwwww, you’re too kind, really Aman. And very generous with your words. Thank you so much.
      Well if it’s karma, I kinda feel responsible for them getting fired 😦


      1. No no, I never meant that. It’s not your fault of course, it might be their own karma. Don’t feel bad.


      2. And thanks for your kind words 🙂


  2. Great post! Don’t feel bad – what comes around goes around.


    1. Ah, thanks. Feel a bit better, Amanda. *hugs*


  3. Quite a story out of working life. What luck that in our company relations are better. But one thing is true: Elder colleagues do tend to a “no-changes!-attitude”.


    1. Hey! Yes some people like you are lucky enough to be working in a positive and better environment than the rest of us lot. I’m glad you agree with the elder co-worker thing. It’s us toe against all of them now 😛


  4. Great post! You led me to ur posts & am enjoying the reads Zareenn! 😉


    1. Thank you! Read away! I love your blog name by the way. It’s so cute!


      1. Ha ha! I love Garfield and am always squooshing it. So Garfield Hug 😉 thanks for the kind compliments. Enjoy ur office tales. I know the feeling!!


        1. Glad I am not the only one going through these feelings!


          1. Chin up my dear! I believe in Karma too & let Karma bite these twits…in time…


      2. Ha ha! I love Garfield & squooshing this soft toy. Hence, Garfield Hug 😉 Thanks for the compliment.


  5. This is your first blogpost which I came across. Office politics. That territory sounds familiar lol. You really play cool man. Gotta give it to you for that! If that was me, I would have kicked the couple on their asses a long time back! I am too intolerant to bullshit.

    Ah, btw you write well. Although there were a few typos, if you could just correct those, it would be perfect. 🙂

    Have a great day!


    1. I meet shitty people all the time. So maybe I’m a bit more tolerant of such people now than I was when I first started the job. Your reaction is totally normal. They do deserves kicks in the ass for being jerks.
      Thank you! I’ll read it over and try to correct them. Thanks so much for taking out time to read this! 🙂


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