Enough with the Selfies!

I really don’t need to give you a definition of a selfie. Everyone’s knows what it is and some people’s life isn’t complete until they post selfies of everything they have done during the day on social feeds. Heck, you might be an addict too. But our G.M did need to mention what it means, in the email he sent us the previous morning to announce that our HR department was hosting a “crazy selfie contest“.

I am torn between gloating about how cool my hotel is or squirming with shame.

Erm…I work at a five star hotel. It’s a serious work environment. I mean, we all wear suits don’t we? Hosting a selfie contest at a hotel where every one who works is either my dad’s age or my grandpa’s age or my mom’s age or my grandma’s age? Not so sure how this is going to play.

You see, the majority of the staff isn’t exactly what you’ll call internet friendly.

They still have monitors at homes that look more like a screen attached to a box than a monitor. They still aren’t able to wrap their heads around the idea of mobile internet. And, hey, how can I see my niece who lives in Canada while being here, in Pakistan, through a mobile? So obviously they don’t have a clue what is is and hence he was obliged to give a definition.

When my boss cracked the news to me, I am glad I was already sitting down.


Does your phone have a camera?“, he inquired.

Er..doesn’t everybody has a camera phone these days?

From his pocket, he produced a small phone which wasn’t a really old model. Just without a camera.

After he delivered the bad news, he said:

We’ll have to do some crazy fun“.

This is a very normal dialogue and in different circumstances, I wouldn’t have even reacted to it. But because it came from my boss and the way he said, I was scared. So scared. Please, I didn’t want to be a part of this “crazy fun”.

I have never taken a selfie in my life. Okay, I have taken many before  “selfie” was a thing. And now that I come to think of it…selfies were actually okay before everyone actually started calling them selfies and burying their virtual walls on face book with countless selfies. Once in a while, it is nice to post a selfie but when your news feed on facebook is covered with your friend’s endless list of selfies. There’s the “pre-work” selfie and then the “at work” selfie and of course an “after-work” selfie…how do people even keep up?

It's exhausting!

How many selfies can people post before someone actually reports it as offensive?

I appreciate my general manager for hosting this contest. He’s a bit of a technology freak so this was inevitable. I do appreciate my hotel for making an effort to be cool and very in the now.

But I’m also very,very afraid of the outcome of this contest. My brain just fills up with images of old people trying to do some “crazy fun”. So not cool.


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