You make me ss..stutter!

I deserve an award. For being the most hated person in a work place. I have no doubt in my mind that if you asked my General Manager to make a list of the things he hates the most, my name would be the first on that list. In fact, that is the only list of his that I will top for sure.

When he joined, I was beyond excited. I was so excited I even wrote a blog about it remember?

But it has brought me no good.

You know, this is the first time in years that we have a foreigner G.M. We didn’t know what to expect when we first met him but the word around was that it’s extremely hard to impress him. And there was this joke as well -that he’s the kind of person you don’t say “Good morning” to. Because if you do, he’ll stare at you and say “What’s so good about this morning?”. Funny right? Well, not if you’re the one being asked the question. When I heard this, I thought to my self, well that’s not too hard, there a lot of good things about mornings..the smell of coffee, the sun shining bright on your face

Funny enough, yesterday I had forgotten all about the coffee and the sun. He came over to my desk and I greeted him with:

I swear, these were my exact expressions.

And what else was I supposed to say? Hey, you what’s up?

When he said “Is it a good evening?” I stared blankly at him and even then  I couldn’t guess what was coming next. I said ” yeah “. And then boom! Bomb!

Yes. He actually said it. Really.

Turns out, the story was no joke at all. And do you know what I replied with?

And after saying those “uhhs” and the “umms” I still felt like that wasn’t enough so I threw in a “I don’t know” as well, so that there’s no doubt in his mind that I am a dunce.

And the most amazing thing is that the moment he left, I thought of million replies to say to him! But it didn’t matter. He had tested me, on whether or not I could think on my feet. And I had failed. Big time.

I told all about it to Val. She’s this really tall, really thin woman with short rich blond hair. Of all the guests I have met through this hotel, she’s one of my top favorites. Every time I meet her, I’m greeted with a warm,loving hug. She’s an absolute sweetheart. We were up in the Lounge, talking. She needed someone to carry some bowl of fruits to her room and I offered to help. It hardly took us a minute or two to reach her room. On my way back up to the Lounge I thought what if the GM came up while I was gone and noticed that the lounge was empty?

And there he was.

Shit. Should have wished for something else.

“I was here..” I began and he said “Almost”, and walked away.

He wasn’t angry, he was smiling so I’m not so sure if I should be tensed or not. But I’m pretty sure that I bombed again. How is it that when it comes to him I just run out of words to say?

This stuff is supposed to happen to teenagers when their crush walks up to them-NOT to a twenty year old like me. I’m a GUEST RELATIONS OFFICER, for god’s sake!!! I’m not supposed to have a brain freeze when my managers quiz me!

Team Verdoon 4- Team Naqvi 1.5!

How do i make him un-hate me? Am I the only one who continues to prove to their managers that I’m a dunce?



  1. Hahaha ! That was fantastic ! And that’s one weird “sour” G.M . Next time, lets bring him down with an excellent come back ! 😀


    1. I don’t know if he’s testing me or is just this way. Yep! I have already started practicing in the mirror 😛


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