Because someday I will visit you, Paris

Because someday I will visit you, Paris

Some street in Paris



  1. oh what a beautiful photo! I want to visit Paris someday too. My son is obsessed with the Eiffel tower (and other large monuments), so I made him promise me that when he got older he would be the first man to take me there. I swear I think he’ll do it.

    Also, I did a painting years ago that won 1st place in an amateur painting contest — it look so much like that photo you would freak OUT. I wish I had a photo of it, but it hangs in my mother’s house now. I wish I still had it actually. Is it wrong to take it back from her? hmmm


    1. I know! I immediately fell in love with the picture the moment I saw it and just HAD to post it. There’s just something about the streets, or as they call them “rues” of Paris.

      Awwww. Well, maybe he will.

      You could if you wanted to. Did you give it to her as a gift or did you live with her when you painted it and just left it there?


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