Czech or Cali part 2

I am grateful for all the good and bad things in life. Specially the bad things. After all, they are the ones that make for an awesome blog. So when I spent this week fighting with my mom, through all those frustrating, hair-pulling, exhausting moments, I was only thinking: YES! Awesome blog ahead!


To be very, very honest with you, it was a pretty shitty week. I hit pretty low this week. Nothing involving cocaine and guns; just lots of tears ( who ever said big girls don’t cry?), swelled eye lids and smudged mascara.

Assuming you are an absolute angel and have subscribed to all my latest posts, I am going to move on to the next part of the previous post “Czech or Cali”.

I finally choose option C. I had a feeling Czech is where I should go. What I forgot is that it wasn’t my decision. At all. Sure, it involved me going to a new place, me studying an amazing program in another language but it still wasn’t my decision. Anyone’s but mine.

My mom gave a big thumbs down to the idea. She thinks I’m too young.

Also, she would rather I’d go to USA with them by student visa. I think this is a lame decision. Also, I would take Europe in exchange for USA any freakin’ day.

Then, there was the big question of monnnaaay.

Who was gonna fund the education of this young-adventurous girl? Apparently, the young adventurous girl herself. I was of the idea that the step father was going to be paying. Not because of any hallucination I may have had on account of the fact that my life resembles a roller coaster, I’m pretty sure he agreed to pay for all our tuition fees when he agreed to marry her. But as soon as I said his name and the word “money” in the same sentence, she gave me one of those steely looks, like the one my GM. gave me earlier this month:

Er…okay. I guess, I’ll just have to pay myself.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s an opening at Alliance, the place I learn french? They are in need of a receptionist (their tardy one resigned). The job is one of the easiest job in the whole damn world and it pays ten thousand rupees more than my current job. Any sane person in my position would and should pounce on such an opportunity. Who gets a job that pays well but doesn’t suck the blood out of you at the same time? Where else would you get such an amazing environment and free access to all of Alliance’s events?

Another’s thumbs down. Which was quite surprising. For two years, i have listened to her complaining about my job so when this new job I came up I thought she would be ecstatic with joy. Said no even before I finished, for no obvious reason. It’s true: Women are soo complicated.

Also, I had to face some bitter realities this week. You always say it doesn’t hurt but it sure does when your family misunderstands you and all the things you have done for them means nothing at all.

I wanted to scream “Whattya want from me?” but then they would think I was trying to be more like Adam Lambert.

You know your life sucks when your decisions are not your own and when you feel like all the crazy stuff that you dream about will always stay a dream. It sucks when you lose hope and you’re lost.

But there’s always a silver lining: At least, I get something to write about 🙂



  1. Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic · · Reply

    So what did you finally decide on?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a job offer from Abu dhabi. Actually, I applied through a friend. Just waiting for the interview. Hope I get in. Fingers and toes crossed for you XD


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