‘coz I’m bi-lingual (well, kind of)

As some of you may have noticed by my posts in French, I have been taking French classes.

There was much debate among members of the family and friends as to why I had this urge to learn a language that was so different from my mother tongue. I actually got into an argument with my cousin over it, who wanted me to learn Spanish instead. Apparently, learning French was a waste of time.

Sometimes I really wonder how I managed to grow up among people of a completely different mind-set, with absolutely nothing in common.

I wasn’t interested in having long arguments about  whether Spanish was easier than French or whether learning German would be a better option with that cousin of mine; he’s the last person you would want to argue with. I wanted to learn French because we all know that French is awesome.

But seriously. I wanted to learn French because I wanted to learn French. That’s the truth.

Their countless attempts did eventually fail, when I signed up for French. I think learning a new language was a decision I made keeping in mind my field of work. Working in the hospitality business, I knew that being fluent in any foreign language will always come in handy.

Moreover, Marion Cotillard convinced me to learn French. She didn’t actually call me up one bright day and expressed how extremely delighted she would be if I gave her native language a chance. It’s the way she spoke so politely and elegantly in Jeux d’enfants. I fell in love with the way she spoke. So yeah, I learned it for her.

The best thing about it is the institute I’m learning it from, Alliance Francaise. It’s not a french learning center and more of a french cultural center. So meanwhile we are having our french lesson, students in the next class may be having their piano lesson.

Add to that, they have numerous social events going on. They have French Bazaar, they have this movie thing where you get to see brilliant French movies, they have concerts….it’s great! You get to meet people that speak French and you get to enjoy at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Although it is a French Cultural Center, they are starting Italian classes pretty soon. How great is that?

Language does break boundaries. Just today I met a family at AFK that I knew from work. They had stayed at the hotel  for more than 3 months and we always use to say hi to each other and have little chit-chats. I didn’t know the wife spoke French (She’s a real gem by the way). She told me she was born in Germany but went to a French school. So she knew English, German, French and Italian as well. I just felt very shy and timid after that so I just kept my mouth shut and eventually au revoir-ed my way out of there.

So I guess learning french wasn’t a total waste of time, was it?



  1. To learn languages is always an asset. Yes, it breaks down barriers and if forces you to get into the culture of the country or region where it is spoken. You learn to see the world in a different way. (I have studied INDONESIAN, be sure that this does broaden your spiritual horizon decisively if you also travel there and make friends instead of enemies down there.)

    My native tongue is German, what you have mentioned, too. Guess French was the better option, for different reasons. French is a more elegant and charming language. It is easier than our language and more Germans have a sufficient command of English than French people have.

    And right from the beginning, you may have been bothered by the fact that French has got two articles, and how to keep them apart or keep the nouns in mind with the correct article. Well, in German it is three of them!

    With the plural, in English and French you memorise the rule of how to form the plural and you forget the exceptions. In German, students say, you make less mistakes if you forget about the rule and keep in mind the exceptions.

    But nevertheless, as said, learning languages is always an asset. It broadens your horizon and keeps your mind smooth and busy. Regrettably in my job language skills are not really required and with my age I lack the courage to start afresh. But it gives me the opportunity to learn another language which fascinates me since childhood and which you should not learn when you learn languages with a view to your job. So it is a luxury that I can afford to use my time to learn a “useless!” language, but for the interest and fascination for this. Wanna know what it is? Well, let’s put it like this: Many people train their brains with Sudoku, I learn FINNISH!

    Jürgen greets you from Frankfurt / Germany.


    1. It really does. I was thinking of continuing my studies in Czech if funds allow me to do so. For that, I need to learn their official language. So this Czech native tells me that you can’t speak the language in any other country like you can do with French/German/Italian etc so it’s useless. I think learning language, any language at all will always prove to be fruitful. It’s never a waste.
      I agree, it’s easier if you just learn the exceptions but they are just to many. But if I was in France I would have had a better grasp by now. I can only speak with the French people who come and stay at the hotel where I work. That petite number is to decrease more since the security situation has worsened in my city.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment. Appreciated!


  2. C’est un beau poste. Heureux que vous avez eu tant de souvenirs incroyables de vos projets d’apprentissage. J’ai eu des gens me disent française était une perte de temps trop. Je suis juste maintenant être courageux sur l’apprentissage des langues. J’étudie ce que j’ai envie!

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    1. haha merci pour vos mots! Je suis tellement heureux que j’ai appris!


      1. Moi aussi!


  3. Happy Lifeaholic · · Reply

    J’ai aussi étudié à une Alliance Française en Inde! Je me ennuie de ce lieu – fait quelques bons souvenirs là 🙂


    1. OMG! Vraiment? C’est tres bien!

      I’m sorry but I’m only fluent enough to understand the first line. Lol.

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      1. Happy Lifeaholic · · Reply

        That’s okay. I had to google translate the second line just to make sure I was right (I wasn’t). It says that I miss the place and made some good memories there.


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