I work with Kanye

We all have at least one person at work that we absolutely hate and who drives us crazy. No matter how awesome your work place is, there is always that one person.

Well I have about..frankly, I dislike majority of the people I work with. Literally too many to count. They’re all working in a hospitality business, centered towards attending every guest’s need, with absolutely no real concern for the guest’s need. They’re just going through the motions. 

But for the sake of this post, I have minimized my most hated co-workers list to a minimum of four people that I JUST can’t stand.

F. Pervez:

He’s this really lanky, lazy guy who might have swallowed a loudspeaker a few years after his birth. He has been working with us for about 7 months and never has a day gone by with him coming in on time. Always, always late with the excuse being “I just got up”. At 3 p.m. For a shift that starts at 3 p.m. He stands with so much space between his legs that two toddlers would have no difficulty crawling from underneath him.

Working in a hospitality business, his tone should be polite and his words kind. Both, his tone and his words, are anything BUT polite or kind.

His nick name is Kanye. Only I call him Kanye.

Now you know why.


She’s a married woman, mother of two. Also, a new-comer; she’s been working with us for over 5 months or so. Extremely, extremely fake. She would look at me and go “OMG where have youu beeeennn?!!” even though she’s not even in my co-worker-friends circle and she knows it. She would pretend to be so delighted to see me when I’m in the same shift as her, you would swear that is the best-est-est thing that has happened to her.

Worst thing about her: She has this really high-pitched laugh. It’s high pitched , alright, at least she isn’t able to hear it. If she could…


She works with the Gossip Girls. Also known as our Security department. She’s a red-haired (fake, red-haired, I must mention. We have this thing called mehndi and people use it sometimes to dye their hair. So she has orange-reddish hair. Hence not a real red-head) old woman, who face is always scrunched up like a cat’s backside.

She hasn’t said a single nice thing to me in these two years that I have worked for the hotel. She laughs in a peculiar way, like, laugh, stop, laugh, stop, laugh.

I know it’s not good to accuse someone of something, but I think she practices witchcraft. I don’t know she has those witch-y vibes.

Of course, this is not what she looks like. But I still think of this witch when I think of Reshma.


Her name is either Saira/Sarah/Sara/Sahira. I don’t know the correct spelling or pronunciation because everyone has their own way of pronouncing her name and she responds to all the variations of her name.

So Saira/Sarah/Sara/Sahira is a big, fat hypocrite. Literally. Yes, even the “fat” part. Specially the “fat” part.What’s irritating about her is not her weight, rather than the fact that she pretends she’s so smart and no one can manage weight like she does. She’s always giving me un-wanted advice on how I should improve my diet since I’m so skinny.. She has stopped doing so because one day, during her sincere advice session, I interrupted her and asked her whether it was possible that I finish my meal in peace or would that require me sitting on another table preferably without her presence. These exact words. She hasn’t spoken to be since. I don’t blame her.

Every fucking time you would meet her, she would sit you make you sit down on a chair and actually force you to comment on how thin she has become since she started her new diet. It’s a very strange diet, you see. It requires people eating like a pigs all the time. And then only taking a small plate of salad at lunch/dinner time since THEY’RE DIETING!

I am relieved that I don’t have to go through her bull shit anymore.



  1. Hahahahaha I work with someone I call “Kanye” as well but it’s because she always A L W A Y S feels the need to break in on anyone’s talking/lecture/speech/whatever and totally hijack the entire thing. Blows my mind.


    1. I guess we all have our own “Kanye”s haha


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