How I plan on spending V-DAY this year


Tomorrow all I’ll be hearing is “Love is in the air”. Or is it? Really? Since there is no lovey-dovey guy waiting for me with a bright red, rose outside my house, I would disagree.

I work at a hotel. So every year, specially during this time of the month, people go crazy. Like children over sweets. All Head Of Departments are given particular amount of tickets that they have to sell. And all those H.O.Ds (more like S.O.Bs ) hand over those tickets to their juniors to make pathetic attempts to sell those tickets.

I will be working tomorrow for sure. I have worked at this godforsaken place for almost two and a half years now and I have never,ever gotten an off on 14th of February. All the older women in our departments, even the ones whose better halves live across the continent are given a free day but not young-and-pretty-and-single me.

I have to be at work and go through the awful routine of getting to meet the two types of people we generally get on V-day. There’s one group that includes the incredibly sappy and lovey-dovey couples, who not only turn you off by their sappiness and lovey-dovey-ness, but who also have absolutely no dress sense. AT ALL. The girls (or shall I say middle aged women dressed very,very immaturely for their age) are almost, always dressed in red or pink or some shade in between. And sometimes, sigh, even the men dress in red. Because we all just LOVE seeing grown up men dressed in shiny, red blazers and the-irritating-kind-of-red pants, don’t we?

And then there’s this other kind: The ones who condemn this “day of love”. “Why do you people host such events?” is their most common question. “We are Muslims, you know”, they say, “This is not in our religion”. Yes, this isn’t in our religion. AND SO ISN’T LYING, CHEATING AND BITCHING BEHIND OTHER PEOPLE’S BACK. What are your thoughts on that?

Just writing this makes me dread going to work tomorrow. Oh Saint Valentine, help me for this is all YOUR fault.



  1. thanks for sharing yr idea first but from yr words i could just get that u have a sickness about older age women…im a woman at the age of 29. u should know that one days u will b 50 or 60 or if Allah wants 70…i wonder if u will b able to tell the same sentences….but maybe at that time of age u will tell ” silly 20 aged women” …its nice that u have a self confidence..but in your sentences y u declaire that “u r young single and pretty”?beauty depends on people. for u u can b pretty for some other person u may not be. whatever…thanks for you ideas again….
    PS: İ dont like valentines either…but not just bec the peoples acts. its not on my culture.


    1. Oh I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to offend anyone of any particular age. I am sorry if it came out that way. I actually appreciate when older women take care of themselves rather than just letting themselves go. And I have nothing against older women as well 🙂
      That sentence was sort of like a joke. Trust me, ask anyone, I’m a very average girl and I don’t find myself pretty at all. That was just mean to get a laugh out of people because the way I said it I thought it might come out as funny.
      Thanks so much for commenting and reading the whole blog. I really appreciate your feedback and once again I’m really sorry if I offended you in anyway, I didn’t intend to.
      Thanks for your feed back! 😀


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