Which bags are ACTUALLY worth your $

I am not your typical girly girl and I don’t like shopping at all.

That being said there is something about shoes and handbags that I can’t resist. Every single time I walk in to a shop I am awestruck. Seeing all those expensive, beautiful bags, carefully placed on high shelves, finding it impossible to decide which one to buy. How do you know that buying a satchel bag over a clutch will come on handy? Or that tote bag you’re looking at isn’t available in a more fabulous-er color and that too for a cheaper price? It is SUCH a dilemma choosing just one bag. Its like every other day a new bag is invented. And the older ones are being modified all the time!

Well as much as I( and I’m sure when I say I, I speak for all other women out there) would love to buy every kind of bag there is, our wallets don’t allow us to. The good news is: There is really no need to buy all of them. Don’t listen to the tiny voice inside your heart! Here are the five types every female on the planet should own:


Very, very essential. It’s small and very handy. Handy not as in helpful.As in you would actually have to carry it in your hand the whole time. There are however a few types (see, I told you!): The formal ones, that are “handy” are appropriate for (surprise, surprise) formal dinners, dinner parties, your prom etc. The other type, the fold-over clutches, can be used informally, in daily use. Maybe a quick trip to the mall that only requires you to stuff your clutch with money. And lip gloss. And car keys.

TIP: Be a genius and buy a formal clutch with a long, elegant shoulder strap. It is basically less of a strap and more of a chain but whatever.You can carry it in your hand when you feel like or strut around carrying it on your shoulder!


This is a must have. The advantage is pretty obvious; the space. And lets face it, most women DO need large bags. Where else would we keep our moisturizer, lip gloss, sunglasses, sunblocks….

You don’t need to use it for make up alone, by the way. You can stuff it with towels, beach mat and lunch bags and take it along with you to the beach. Or it can be used at work. I use mine to carry files with me all the time.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to buy it. You can actually make it:


You know how you have a go-to person? One who has the solution for everything? You need to have a go-to bag. Its a bag that is of preferably a dark color, so that it doesn’t completely fall apart or wear out when you use it daily and is able to withstand stains. It should have many pockets, to store change in or to keep smaller items. Zip pockets are a must as well. And it can be any bag of any category! A simple sling bag would do as well. Whatever you feel comfortable carrying around!


WHY? Because it’s fun. It will bring out your outfit and your personality. Judging from the latest trends in our society (twerking and what-not), the weirder the bag, the better. Weird is the new “cool”.
I wouldn’t suggest you to buy a black, classy clutch bag. I would demand you to do it. Because nothing can ever go wrong with a black clutch.

For other bags, I would recommend bags in beige, brown, caramel, dark blue( that looks like black for three feet away), peach, cream and pastel pink. These will go with a lot of the out fits you wear and anyway, your clothes don’t need to be the exact same color as your dress.

And lastly, don’t buy designer bags for the sake of buying designer bags. Please. If you don’t can’t afford it, don’t shell out an entire month’s rent on it because Jennifer Lawrence has one that looks exactly like it! Jennifer Lawrence also has a new movie coming out. Do you?


Your thoughts?

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