A few days ago, my mom sent me the following whatsapp message: Yes my mom knows who Katy Perry is. Kinda cool right? I think most parents will be horrified if they know their children listen to things like “I kissed a girl”, but my mom isn’t.  (Or maybe she hasn’t heard that song yet). […]

Fasting in Qatar is way better than fasting in Pakistan. No matter how hot it is outside, inside your home, your office, your car you always have one thing to count on: AC Unless you have my luck and your AC gives up on you.  Ramzan has crazily messed up my scheduled. I wake up […]

“What it is like to live under siege?” I read that headline somewhere. The opening line was about how people are living in Qatar after the recent diplomatic crisis. Of course, it is true that all business has been affected and will continue to be so unless the countries involved try and come up with […]

You were travelling to a country with an opposite culture to that of your native country? How would you dress and behave?  Example: the country requires that must cover your head with a scarf. Response A: when in rome, do as the romans do Response B: nah! This isn’t a part of any research so […]

Note: This post was originally titled Bonding with you boss but I changed it to Cuninglingus at work to attract all you naughty people. Ha ha. I never have a dull day at work. NEVER. No matter how bad my day is going, there will be always something  happening to make me laugh like a […]

I am familiar with artist who are known for their paintings, sculptures or books. Never had I ever heard of an artist who’s famous for blowing up photographs of human beings to a size big enough to be wheatpasted on buildings, trains and even roads! One such artist is JR. He’s is from Paris and […]

Visiting a fire station may not be the ideal way to spend a day off from work. But it also wasn’t your normal fire station. The building that I visited today is known as Doha Fire station and it was an actual one up until 2012, when the building was given to Qatar Museums. It […]

Recent incidents like the death of a student for alleged blasphemy and an Indian singer commenting negatively on Azaan (the call to Muslim prayer) has led me to re-think about blasphemy. So what is blasphemy? By definition: Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverenceto a deity, to religious or […]

Something: What I mean to you  Everything: What you mean to me

I genuinely admire artists. All artists of all sorts. Actors, painters, singers, story tellers, magicians, you name it. Even doctors are artists to me. And teachers too. God has given them a gift and they are not afraid to express it, no matter the opinion of others. It’s about having faith in yourself. I imagine […]

Hoping the giant zit on your chin will disappear just because it’s shoot day at work and all the pictures taken today would be displayed on your international website and stay there for years.. The zit may disappear tomorrow but not today..

You sit there making videos on your phone that you think is smart I see you I see you while I sit on the bench in this nice park and wonder Why do I exist?  What is my life’s goal? What is the purpose of my life? Am I supposed to lead the life on […]

I am thinking of suggesting my training manager to send our employees to Karwa’s main office, in order to better our customer service skills. Have you ever been in a Karwa? I am in awe of the way they treat their customers!* I recently took a trip to Villagio and decided to visit one of […]

I have always been a fan of Marion Cotillard. There is no doubt to her on screen talents. Not only because of her looks but also because of her looks.  I recently saw these pictures online of her much fuller lips, as compared to her original, thin (beautiful) lips: This is a picture from before: […]

Two people from Mecaland having dinner in a restaurant. Man 1: “How was your weekend with your family?” Man 2: “Oh it was very enjoyable! I didn’t know staying at a hotel could be so much fun. I mean, forget the clean bedsheets and the 24/7 room service. I had so much fun tormenting the […]